How do you brew coffee without a coffee maker?

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular drinks which is loved and cherished by people all across the globe. There are various different types of coffees. Ranging from different coffee beans to various machines and methods of making coffee, we have a variety of different types of coffees at our disposal. Though many will know about the various coffee types, but there will certainly be others who will not know that coffee can be made without a coffee maker as well.

brew coffee without a coffee maker

Many of us know the various types of coffee makers which are available at various price ranges in the market. But there are other methods of brewing a coffee as well which do not even require a coffee maker. So let us take a look at the common method of brewing coffee without a coffee maker.

The Steps for the General Method

  • To begin with, you need some hot boiling water. Use an electric kettle boil some water in a microwave or in a pan. If you go for microwave, then use a non metallic microwave safe cup to avoid any danger. As soon as the water gets boiled up, take it out.
  • If you have coffee beans, then you need to grind them. Measure them in a measuring cup thereafter so as to ensure that you take the appropriate amount of coffee for a cup. Remember that 1-2 tbsp powder is enough for a cup with 250ml water.
  • Place the grounded coffee beans in a cup and pour the hot boiling water over it. Let the coffee steep for at least 3 minutes. Stir it thereafter and then allow it to steep for a little more time. Remember that the coffee will get more and stronger as the time passes.
  • Pour the coffee over a tea strainer through to a cup to remove the extracts. Make sure to use a good strainer to avoid grinds and get a great aromatic cup of coffee.

The Other Method – Using the Best French Press Coffee Makers

This is one of the most common methods through which you can make coffee without having a coffee maker. But it requires too much of time and attention. One would not like to take so much of stress for a cup of coffee in today’s modern world. And for such people, there is a better alternative solution which is available, and that solution is the best French press coffee makers which are cheap yet effective. If you are not a big time fan of French press coffee, then you can opt for single serve coffee makers such as keurig coffee makers. This list by Justcoffeemaker recommends top Keurig coffee makers, which are suitable for individuals or even offices.

Also known as a coffee press or a coffee plunger, this instrument came into existence in 1929. It is basically a large cylindrical glass with a flat filter attached to a long pull handle on the lid. Making coffee with it is an easy and hassle free process.

  • To begin, you need to choose some finely grinded Coffee beans that you like the most. Now put the ground in the bottom lid and pour some boiling water over it.
  • Thereafter, you need to cover the lid with the filter and tighten it so that it gets well attached to the base.
  • Leave the press and the plunger as it is for some time. You will see that the coffee has come up through to the plunger and has gotten filtered as well. Just pour it over to your mug and enjoy the aromatic coffee.

So, you can see that with best French press coffee makers, coffee making becomes much easier. You don’t have to spend much on expensive machines and you get a great tasting coffee easily.

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