4 Healthy Reasons To Take Up Yoga

There are many benefits to practicing yoga, and though some might say that all things yoga are simply a huge trend, let us remind them that it’s a 5000 year old practice that gives you more than toned abs. Yoga can be intense and vigorous, relaxing and meditative. What I love about yoga is how it works on different parts of the body including the mind. Regardless of category, practicing yoga is an excellent way to stay fit and may be the perfect in jump-starting your healthy lifestyle. There are many reasons to start practicing yoga and here are 4 that will make you get off the couch and onto the mat

1. Works Out The Whole Body

One of the key reasons to take up yoga is how it gives you a full body workout. It works your arms, legs, and core and strengthens your muscles without the need to lift weights. Your body will get a lean and nicely toned look, rather than a bulky muscular build.

2. Flexibility

There are no short cuts when it comes to lengthening balled up muscles. Many athletes push their body to the limit without balancing the strength with stretch. It takes regular practice and patience, but eventually you will find yourself to be more flexible. When working on your flexibility, make sure your breathing is calm and relaxed.

3. Relieves Stress

A daily yoga program can help reduce stress because it promotes relaxation, clears your mind and the anxiety that it is filled with. Under normal conditions, the brain slowly releases cortisol into the body to make the muscles work. However, if you are highly stressed, your brain thinks there’s an emergency and responds by flooding your body with cortisol. When practicing yoga, you should be focused on your body, which will help you access an inner strength that allows you to clear your mind and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

4. Supports A Healthy Diet

When you practice yoga frequently and stretch your body like a pretzel, you do not want to undo all the work by eating unhealthy foods and neglecting your body’s needs. Yoga is a physical and metal practice that is centered on a full body approach to health of the body, mind, breathing and lifestyle.…