How To Embrace Your Confidence

Yes, you read the title well. Confidence is not a gift only some lucky people received from Mother Nature. It is something that everyone possesses and can be practiced, but most importantly, it can be increased.

Here are some easy steps you can follow in order to increase your confidence level and finally embrace your inner confidence

Step 1: Be surrounded by people who wish you good

One of the first steps for you would probably be to pay attention to the people who surround you and decide if those people have a positive or negative influence on the way you perceive yourself.  If people that bring you down constantly surround you, you cannot possibly attain a high confidence level. Keep close to your heart the people who are positive and who genuinely wish you good, and give up on those who are judgmental and negative. It could be difficult to do so, but always remember that it is for the better good of your life.

Step 2: Be aware of your qualities

It is obviously more difficult for people who have issues with confidence to recognize their best qualities. Everyone has wonderful qualities that are unique to him or her. Think deep to realize what it is you are best at doing!  Once you have done so, write them down. You can even read them out loud as it will help you acknowledge your special qualities even more.

Step 3: Learn to accept compliments

Now that you know your best qualities, you can accept compliments more easily. It is an essential step that will benefit not only you, but those around you as well.

Indeed, when a shy person receives a compliment, they feel not so ecstatic. However, a confident and self-assured individual would smile and simply say thank you.

This positive attitude would send a message to the person that compliments you and it shows that you feel good in your body and mind. It will also send a message to you, making you realize thatit is your accomplishment, and that you deserve the praise you received

Step 4: Work on your appearance

Now that you are aware of what you can do, you need to convince others. Because your ability to trust yourself also depends a lot on what others believe and how they perceive you. Smile more often, and hold your gazeDon’t be shy to look into people’s eyes!

Step 5: Remember that everyone struggles with confidence

Finally, we all are humans. If you have a problem with self-confidence, be sure that others do as well! Some may hide it, but it does not mean they don’t struggle with it. Remind yourself that most people are too preoccupied with their appearance to be judging you.

Be sure you can change, starting from now, because you have the control over what you think, and thus on what others may think about you. The most important thing to remember is that you can do it. And don’t forget: nobody is perfect!…

18 Simple Ways To Renew Yourself

It’s common knowledge that we live in a society that honors being busy and always on the move. As a result, we can easily get overwhelmed and stressed, even for small things. Indeed, there is always a price to pay for being stressed out. From exhaustion to unbalanced meals and no time to exercise, this lifestyle is for sure not leaving you fulfilled.

Numerous doyens agree that you’ll achieve best results in whatever you do only when you feel your best. It is thus crucial to manage and find some time aimed at resourcing yourself. You would be surprised by how much this quality time you allowed yourself can improve your immediate abilities.

Here are 18 simple ways to renew your batteries so you don’t die out when you face challenges.
  1. Exercise Regularly. Indulging in any form of physical activity regularly will help regulate your hormones, increase circulation and may help you clear your mind and reduce your stress level.
  2. Plan a technology detox. Experts claim that tech detoxes help us unplug from devices and reconnect with our feelings and with those we love.
  3. Meditate. A daily 15 minute meditation can help you relax before you dig back into your work. It takes some time before you can actually master the art of decent meditation. Its hard to know what to do at first, but like yoga, it comes with time.
  4. Embrace Mother Nature! Go out, take a walk when you can. Nothing is more rejuvenating for your mind than spending time outdoors. You can easily find entertaining ways to spend your day or weekend outdoors. For instance you can go hiking or spend the day at the lake.
  5. Do not forget the child in you. Engaging in any childhood activity you loved will resonate focus and help with mind training.
  6. Try something new. It could be trying a foreign cuisine, going rock climbing or simply reading a book you wouldn’t normally read. Here are some positive effects of trying something new; It opens up the possibility for you to enjoy something new, It helps you deal with the spirit of fear and It forces you to grow.
  7. Make room! Clean out your closet and any clutter around your house and donate to Goodwill. Your energy feeds off your environment, so it’s beneficial to tidy up.
  8. Trust yourself and work on those projects or ideas you’ve neglected for some time now.
  9. Try growing plants. You’ll feel good creating life. As a fact, you will also save money on food and get time for yourself to go out any time you feel like doing so.
  10. Rearrange your furniture. A new environment will likely nurture novel ideas and perspectives.
  11. Take catnaps when you can. Catnaps can help refresh the mind, improve overall alertness, boost mood and increase productivity.
  12. Talk with the farmers and people at your local farmers market. Connecting with your community is a great way to improve your social background. Also learning where your food comes from is important.
  13. Drink smoothies or fruit juice when you start feeling the afternoon slump.
  14. Take a shower if you’re frustrated after a hard day or stuck on an idea. Shower moments always give you a chance to relax and reevaluate your plight.
  15. Get away from the office and your computer screen during lunch. Take a walk, eat outside or go to a local café.
  16. Allow yourself quality time to do something you really love. Not only is it relaxing, its optimally healthy.
  17. Light candles and take a bath with essential oils and Epsom salt. Epsom salt will relax your muscles and essential oils like lavender will put your mind and body to absolute calm.
  18. Plan your next vacation or anticipate an exciting future event. The thrill of having something to look-up to will always keep you going.