Do you have a weight loss, diet, nutrition, health or fitness-related website, blog or e-zine? If so, you can start earning money instantly by recommending the CHANGING FROM THE “INSIDE OUT” ebook series to your website visitors as a Resolutions Affiliate.

An “affiliate program” simply means that you recommend our e-book to your newsletter subscribers and/or website visitors and you get paid commissions when they buy. Basically, we pay to you (handsomely) to sell our products.

The best part is, you don’t have to do anything except send people to our website. Many people make a great income this way without ever having to develop a product of their own or deal with billing, shipping, or customer service issues. It’s true passive income – you can literally make money while you sleep or lie on the beach.


The first step is to register at Clickbank. Clickbank is the company that takes all the credit card orders on the website and they also track all affiliate sales and send out your commission checks. Clickbank accepts all major credit cards in over 100 countries. To set up your affiliate account (it’s free), click here:

All you have to do is fill out the form and choose a clickbank “nickname” of your choice (which will be your “affiliate ID”). Once you have your Clickbank “nickname,” You can start making money instantly. All you do is put links on your website or in your e-zine using the following link (URL) to advertise:

Replace the XXXXX with your ClickBank nickname. (Be certain that your link is correct so you get credit for the sale – sending out a bad link is kind of like sending out a direct mail piece with the wrong phone number!). Whenever someone clicks on YOUR link, the affiliate software recognizes that it’s YOUR customer and it takes them to the website – and if they order, you earn a 50% commission on the sale!


The Changing from the INSIDE OUT E-book series is currently retailing for $39.00. After Clickbank takes out their fee (approx $4.00), we split the profits 50-50. Unlike most affiliate programs which pay paltry 15-25% commissions (and you make only a few measly bucks), or affiliate programs where you make higher percentages (30-50%) but the price of the program is low (so you still only make a few measly bucks), your share of each Changing from the INSIDE OUT E-book sale is approx. $17.53 (half the money!), which makes this one of the highest paying affiliate programs in its category (fitness, nutrition, diet, weight loss). We basically become “partners,” splitting all the money right down the middle. This is the only fair way to do it with a digital product, in my opinion. But unlike having a business partner, there’s no obligation to you whatsoever. It’s your own business and you can stop promoting the e-book any time you want.


Every time someone orders through your link, you’ll receive an instant e-mail notification that you’ve made a sale. You’ll get commission checks directly from clickbank in the postal mail and they will be sent to the address you choose when you fill out the sign up form.

It’s that simple – just send your e-zine subscribers or website visitors to the website through your special affiliate link, you get notified by e-mail each time you make a sale, and you get checks in the mail every month! What could be easier?


How much money can you make? Well, that’s impossible for me to predict and entirely up to you and how aggressively you promote and market the Changing from the INSIDE OUT e book. If you put highly visible links or banners on a high traffic website, the commissions can be very substantial.

If you have an E-zine with a large subscriber base and you recommend the Changing from the INSIDE OUT E-book in each issue of your E-zine, the commissions are usually even higher. In fact, sending out an ad for the Changing from the INSIDE OUT E-book in every issue of your newsletter is probably the most effective method of making money with this program.


There are several ways you can promote the Changing from the INSIDE OUT E-book series on your site or in your e-zine:

  1. Write an endorsement about the results you achieved using the system. Some of the highest sales rates we’ve recorded have been from affiliates who used the program themselves to change their lives and weight. By writing a short endorsement, testimonial, and/or success story about the results you achieved (how much weight you lost, etc.), and sending it out to your e-mail list, the sales can be as high as double that of any other linking method.
  2. Write your own book review or endorsement. After you’ve read the e-book series write your own “book review” or book endorsement ad (in your own words) explaining what you liked about the book and why everyone should get a copy.
  3. Use a simple text link. Anywhere that you would put a regular link (like on your links page), simply replace the normal link with your special affiliate link that contains your nickname.
  4. Use banner ads. Put banners, book covers or other graphics on high traffic pages of your website and you can get excellent click through rates. Make sure your affiliate link is properly set in the banner HTML code.
  5. Place short classified ads in your e-zine. A short classified ad in your e-zine is an extremely effective way to make money with this program. The more enticing and curiosity-invoking the ad is, the more people will click through and the more money you’ll make. These classified ads can be as long as several paragraphs or as short as a single sentence (if it piques your reader’s curiosity well). Write your own or use the sample ads below.
  6. Put an ad in the products section of your website. If you already sell products from your web site, just add a section for the Changing from the INSIDE OUT e-book series in your “products for sale” area with an enticing description or summary of the book, then send them off to the Resolutions website through your affiliate link. If you don’t have any products for sale yet, this could be your first. (If you have a website, you might as well be making money from it!)
  7. Ask me about a Joint Venture. If you would like to partner with me in a special “joint venture” (JV) promotion beyond using simple affiliate links and banners, e-mail me for information. We may be able to run special one-time promotions specifically for your e-mail list offering special bonuses, add-ons, multi-product packages or other extra incentives or special prices. If you have your own product, perhaps we could even bundle our programs together at a special price when they order both together. E-mail me at [email protected] for more info.
  8. Use our FREE article library to add fitness content to your web site. All of these articles are original material written, owned and published by Greg Ryan the author of the Changing from the INSIDE OUT e-book. Many website owners are not writers and are often in need of new content. As a Resolutions affiliate, you can use our articles absolutely free on your website. Help yourself to any article, newsletter or e-zine on the site. At the end of the article, you simply add a credit line that mentions the e-book and place your link (and a little “sales pitch”) after it: For example:“This article was provided courtesy of Greg Ryan and Resolutions (use your affiliate link). Greg is a high profile fitness expert, author, and former employee of Kathy Smith. For more information on how Greg’s programs can help you lose weight quickly and easily… click here NOW and find out how to get rid of that excess weight for good:


    Since this affiliate program is a win-win proposition for both of us, I am here to support your marketing and sales efforts 100% and provide any personal assistance you need in launching your Resolutions affiliate program.

    If you have any questions please e-mail me at [email protected] I will respond to all inquires personally within 24 hours.

    To your success,
    Greg Ryan
    Resolutions LLC